Co-founder of Viveka Entrepreneurship Incubation Center

Emin Okutan is graduated from the University of Maine in the field of Business Administration and he has an MBA from the Bilkent University. He is experienced in entrepreneurship training, mentoring, training of mentors, vertical accelerator program designing and facility management of creative spaces. Emin Okutan has started a program in which idea stage entrepreneurs utilize office space, receive ongoing mentorship and funding for their new prototype.

As the training coordinator of Viveka, he is coaching entrepreneurs in business model and presentations; organizing investor matchmaking and office hours; providing business development support with key entrepreneurship organizations to create value package for resident entrepreneurs, organizing start up weekend hackathons, recruit mentors, conduct trainings, organize jury members; organizing one on one roundtable mentorship sessions; interviewing incoming applicants to incubation program; designing and executing entrepreneurship projects; preparing training syllabus for different programs or universities; conducting training & research programs.