Research Report on training needs of highly skilled migrants to develop entrepreneurial mindset.

The National Needs Analysis Report of Turkey has been developed in order to outline; the current situation about migrants’ employability and entrepreneurship, needs of highly skilled migrants (HSM) in order to become entrepreneurs in Turkey, from the perspective of HSMs and organisations working with migrants as well as other bibliographic resources. It also aims to enlighten the gaps in trainings offered to migrants found through the research activities, as well as propose solutions for the improvement of trainings available for HSMs in these areas. The report contents rely on the results gathered through a comprehensive desk research and field research activities.

Migrapreneurs Training Programme: Development of the ‘Entrepreneurial Journey for Highly Skilled Migrants’ training programme. Relevant training contents and methods for highly skilled migrants with entrepreneurial potential, has developed by relying on the comparative results from all partner countries (UK, Spain, France and Turkey). 2 pilot trainings were implemented in each country. 1st Pilot of Migrapreneurs Training Programme has been organized between dates 11-13 May, 2018 and 2nd pilot implementation was organized on 16-17 and 24-25 November 2018 in Middle East Technical University (METU) with the support of Entrepreneurship Research Center (GIMER). Director of GIMER Assoc. Professor Adil Oran has covered the first unit on both trainings. The main trainer of the programme was Berat Kjamili, a successful migrant entrepreneur from Macedonia. In the first part of the training, the participants learned about the soft skills required for entrepreneurship and how to develop them. The second part of the training covered the process of business plan development. This part was relied on more technical aspects like business fit audit, resource and capability analysis, financial planning etc. the last day of the seminar was organized as a seminar in both of the pilot implementations. “Support for Migrant Entrepreneurs Seminar” held great attention of the international students from different universities. Business experts, academicians and entrepreneurs shared ideas and experiences with the participants in this full-day event.

Training the Trainers Guide to accompany ‘Entrepreneurial Journey for Highly Skilled Migrants’ training programme consist of development of Trainers’ Guidelines for delivery of the ‘Entrepreneurial Journey for Highly Skilled Migrants’ training programme, training the trainers workshop.

A Guide for Highly Skilled Migrants: Transferring your skills into self-employment. The guide with the theme of transferring skills into self-employment has been developed for mainly migrants / refugees who are unemployed or working beneath their skill level in their host countries. It helps to discover your entrepreneurship / intrapreneurship skills, how to put them into practice with practical country specific information on how to setup a business in UK, France, Spain and Turkey.

Policy Guide for policymakers into how to develop entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial mindsets when working with highly skilled migrants, based on project partners’ expertise and experience from the Migrapreneurs project. This Guide is an online pdf document available on the Learning Hub and project website.

Online Migrapreneurs Learning Hub is and online learning platform which contain all the learner materials from the Entrepreneurial Journey training programme for highly skilled migrants as well as information for trainers and other interactive learning resources relevant to Migrapreneurs. A set of video case studies are also available as part of the Hub showcasing individual journeys from the target group members. The training is available in four different languages; English, French, Spanish and Turkish for free.